[SHOWstudio: Hatstand - Nick Knight / Philip Treacy / Ruth Hogben / Darren Berry}

Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Even though St. Paddy’s Day is a completely American holiday to commemorate the death of St. Patrick.  Here are some fun Irish facts connected to design,food,and drink.

1. St. Patrick’s official color is blue not green.

2. Famous hat designer Phillip Treacy, just cause he’s a badass and Irish. Slàinte.

3. The Irish built most of the canals in New Orleans. Thousands of the Irish (4,000-30,000) died during this endeavor. Read More….

4. Corned Beef DIY. Recipe…

5. Stay away from green beer, go with something else green,like these yummy cocktails or these non-green beers.

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